My Mission

I believe that it is important not only to know what you do and how you do it, but also why you live each day.  My mission is to love and serve God, family, friends, clients, community, as well as the multi-generations of people I will never see or meet and thereby make a profound impact on this world.  My vision is to have played a critical part in shaping a world where billions of people are committed to love, service, and a purpose greater than themselves.  I currently manage the finances of individuals and families all over the country and am based in the greater Chicagoland Area. 


Our process is simple: we first have an open ended discussion with our clients to assess their goals and their needs; we then analyze the situation and create a plan; lastly, we implement the financial plan with a systematic follow up program because we know the goals of our clients are often dynamic and not static.  Ultimately, our team is committed to helping our clients achieve financial security which allows them to sleep well at night.  

Richard Woo, CLU®, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

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